What I’ve learned from Qkids (Month 3)

Can you believe it is July already?! Time sure is flying by! I have been teaching with/for Qkids for 3 whole months now and it has been a blast so far. I continue to learn new things everyday. Shout out to all the Qkids facebook groups and Qkids staff for being so positive and supportive! 🙂

I’d like to share what new things I’ve learned in month 3:

Extending classes: The rule is, is that you have to teach a full 28 minutes before you can move on to the leader board (if you’re teaching a 1v4 or 1v2 class). Some times, the students do so well during the lesson, that you have extra time. So…what do you do to make it a 28 minute lesson? I’ve seen so many great ideas given by teachers on facebook groups and found that the following works well for me:

*Hangman type guessing games utilizing a dry erase board/chalkboard: If there is time that I need to fill at the end of a lesson, I will have students try to guess words/concepts that we learned during the lesson by describing them. I also draw pictures and have them guess. When students say that guessing words are “too easy,” I have them try to guess a sentence instead. Sometimes I use stickers to review what we learned during the lesson, for example, when I taught the “weather” lesson, I used the “wind” and “Superman” stickers. I pretended that Superman was having a difficult time flying across due to the wind. LOL. So far, the kiddos have enjoyed this. When I see lots of effort or hear correct answers, I award diamonds to all. (it’s a great way to get to the 50-80 diamond threshold that Qkids suggests we award every class!)

This is an example of what I do. 🙂

What to do if you enter a room and can’t see or hear students when you know they are there: I don’t know if it has happened to you, but last week, I entered a class 4 minutes before go time and noticed that I couldn’t hear or see the students. I knew they were there because they were giving themselves diamonds. My screen looked like this:

I sent robots and contacted CCT to inform them of the issue, but didn’t receive a response right away so I thought that maybe exiting out and then entering back in would help. It was a good thought, but I should have waited until 3 minutes after class start time to do that. You see, standbys are asked to be logged into the platform at least 3 minutes before and stay 3 minutes after class start time, so since I exited my class with 57 seconds left before class start time, I lost the class, had a “no show” notice and the class was probably canceled or went to a standby teacher (Thank you standby teachers!). So….what I took away from this experience, is once you enter a classroom do not exit within 3 minutes of class time and wait 3 minutes after class start time to exit if needed so that you won’t lose the class. (Note: before I exited the class at 57 seconds, I did take a screen shot of me IN the classroom, and sent that in to CCT when I saw the “no show” notice, and was able to have the “absence” removed. Screen shots are lifesavers and I would recommend taking them if you foresee an issue.)

In case you were wondering, this is what an absence looks like on the mobile app calendar. When you click on it, it may say “no show” or “status to be determined.” Even if your absence was removed, it will still show up as red in your calendar.

Scheduled classes vs. actual lessons: I learned this a while back, but noticed that I didn’t go over it in my previous blog, but, for new hires, when you are finally scheduled classes and you see them on your mobile app calendar, the lessons you see may not actually be the ones you’ll be teaching. I encourage you to click on the class and select “preview.” Most times, you’ll see that the level and/or lesson number will change. The computer app. usually has the correct level/lesson that you’ll be teaching for a certain day. Sometimes when you preview a class and feel all ready, you may find that you get assigned a totally different lesson when it comes time to teach. It’s only happened to me a few times, but something to keep in mind. That’s why I think watching the training videos on the app and on youtube about the different games are super helpful so that you’re ready for anything! 🙂

New character references: I’ve been teaching higher level classes lately and noticed that there are many new faces. Below are the new characters that I’ve met while teaching that may be helpful to you:

Summer hours are here: Starting June 30th, all 63 teaching slots have been opened. There are evening hours available 7 days a week now til the end of August I believe! If you need to update your schedule to add more classes, email classcoordination@qkids.cn

If you are curious to know what I learned in Month 2, you can follow this link: https://daysofmyhives.com/2019/06/10/what-ive-learned-working-with-koby-momo-and-friends-qkids-month-2/

Feel free to explore other blog entries on my page, I have many Qkids related ones if you’re interested.

I think that is it for Month 3. If I think of anything else I will update. Thanks for reading! If you find inaccurate information in this entry, please leave a comment with correct info. below. I appreciate you! If you have any questions, you can private message me on Facebook @Kim Arceo Moore.

Happy Teaching!

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