Demo 1 Tips-Qkids

Congratulations! You’ve passed the initial phase of the application process and have been asked to participate in the demo 1 interview. Nice job!! After all the excitement, I bet some of you are a bit anxious and nervous about it too, huh? Well, no worries. Below are a couple of tips for a successful demo 1 interview:

  1. Know the platform- at this point, you should have received an email to download the Qkids teacher app on your phone and computer. Once you are able to log on to the platform, I encourage you to watch everything in the training section, take notes and practice in the demo classroom until you can’t anymore. You will be asked to demonstrate all the functions of the demo classroom has, such as the highlight tool, text box tool, diamonds tool, stickers tool, etc… You will also be asked to check your network settings and you may be asked to take a picture of the network data and send it via messenger to make sure that your “pings” are within the range they want. (If connected to the janus (sp?) server, the pings should be below 300, and if connected to the api server, the pings should be below 80.) Additionally, they will ask you to perform sound/video checks for students and yourself. Just know how to control sound, mute a student, how to send help (using the robot), and how to contact CCT should any problems arise during a lesson [that should be the little plus sign in the bottom right corner. NOTE: click the plus sign button first before typing a message, and then click again when you are done.]
  2. Use a lot of TPR (total physical response)- be active, enthusiastic, have lots of energy, use your hands to demonstrate things (cup your ear to show your listening, point to your mouth when enunciating words, etc…), model actions, such as jumping, walking, etc…
  3. Smile! Always smile. It shows that you are approachable. 😀
  4. Speak clearly and slowly- when I get nervous, I tend to speak so fast that no one can understand me. I had to work on this the most. Just be aware of how fast you’re talking and adjust as needed.
  5. During the demonstration, you will be asked to go over some of the teaching slides with your interviewer playing the part of a child. It may be a little awkward, but you can do it!
  6. Utilize props if you have them. I made signs that say “good job” with a happy face on it as well as a diamonds sign. I added some shiny diamond looking stickers on it and the kiddos seem to love it. [Note: props are NOT required.] Also, a lot of people have asked about backgrounds for demo interviews. When I had my demo interview, I did not have a background, just a plain white wall to start.
  7. Award diamonds whenever possible! 🙂
  8. This probably should have been first, but make sure your lighting is good so that the interviewer can see your face clearly, that you have a headset with a microphone as well as an ethernet cord available.
  9. One final thing, the one question I remember answering at the beginning, was “Why do you want to work for Qkids?” Something to keep in mind. 🙂
  10. Just HAVE FUN. You will do fantastic!

That’s about all I can remember at this time. If there is anything that you would like to add or ask, please comment below. Also, if you have any questions, I am always available via messenger on FB. Just search for me (Kim Arceo Moore).

Again, the Qkids facebook groups are also super helpful and I recommend you join one or more. You will not regret it.

Thanks for reading! Good luck! 🙂 {note: I do not own the image featured in this blog entry.}

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