Game of Thrones Theory

First, I want to say that I do not own the GOT image featured on this post. Second…if you haven’t watched Episode 3 of Game of Thrones, you may want to stop reading here…may contain some spoilers…

For those who DID watch Game of Thrones on Sunday…what did you all think? I thought it was awesome, besides being super dark and difficult to see at times. The ending was SO great. What I didn’t expect was for the war against the dead to end in one episode. I thought that that was the big battle to end the series, but then I remembered Cersei. Still, I thought the war against the Night King and his zombie soldiers would have spanned over 2 episodes at the least. I was pleasantly surprised.

So sad to see so many characters pass this episode, mainly Sir Jorah and his cousin Lyanna for me. Absolutely LOVED how Lyanna went out though. It had a David and Goliath feel to it.

One of the sweetest moments of the show for me was when the Hound was all giving up, but when he saw Arya in trouble, he didn’t think twice to help her. Definitely a love/hate relationship there. Another neat moment was when Bran told Theon he was a good guy before the latter charged to his death.

Most badass moment was definitely Arya killing the Night King. The way they filmed that was AWESOME. Such a quick death for death. Oh well…the dead can now rest in peace, hopefully.

Thoughts on future episodes: i think Jamie will end up fighting for Cersei. He always said that he would do anything for his family AND that the only reason why he went to Winterfell was to fight for the living. Now that the living won, I feel like he’ll turn on everyone he fought with at Winterfell and fight for Cersei, especially since she is carrying his child. Unless Bron kills him first!

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