How to soothe itchy skin? (No prescription required)

As promised, I am back to share ways I dealt with my itchy skin/hives. All suggestions below are treatments/methods that I have personally tried (and I’ve tried ALOT, ha!), but not clinically proven to actually work. I recommend that BEFORE trying any of it, to ensure you are OK to participate in such activities and/or check in with your primary care provider.

So many products, right?! This isn’t even all of it.
Hello Ice my only friend!

So basically, those who suffer from itchy skin and/or chronic hives know that the itch can be so intense that if affects sleep and activities of daily living. I was not able to work, take care of my family, OR sleep. I remember days where I thought NOTHING was going to help. Through research and trial/error, I was able to find a couple of suggestions that were helpful.

First, it is important to prevent itchy episodes, so if you know what your triggers are, try to avoid them as much as possible. In my experience, I couldn’t really find one REAL trigger that started my hives, however some of the most common triggers are:

-allergies, exposure to hot or cold, exercise, stress, infections, medications (like NSAIDs), etc…

Now on to the suggestions:

-apply a wet/cold/ice pack to area of itch (you can create your own pliable ice pack my mixing 3 cups of water to 1 cup of rubbing alcohol in a ziplock bag, It works wonders! Remember not to keep ice/cold to an area for more than 20 minutes, you can always take a break and apply again).

*In my experience, I actually submerged my whole body in ice water because the itch was SO bad. As pictured above, I even have an ice vest! Bought on Amazon if you’re interested. 😉

-take oatmeal or Epsom salt baths (I used Aveeno and Dr. Teals [eucalyptus] respectively)

-anti-itch creams/lotions (ones with menthol, camphor, and/or pramoxine are GREAT- I would suggest those with sensitive skin try the SARNA sensitive with pramoxine)

-OTC hydrocortisone creams

-Heat/cold patches (like Icy Hot, Salonpas, and/or store brand- those work well for areas that are hard to leave an ice pack on).- If trying this, please follow all directions on the package- leave on no more than 8 hours at a time

As stated earlier, these are JUST suggestions and may or may not work for your itch, but if you are/were like me, I was at my wits end and had to try everything I could.

Again, proceed with caution and check in with your healthcare provider before trying out any of the above.

Hope this helps. I’ll try to write about the products pictured at the top and give opinions on what lotion/cream worked best.

Have an amazing day all! 🙂