Nice to Meet You

Me 🙂

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog. Things have taken a turn for the weird as far as my health is concerned and it has forced me to take time off of work and concentrate on my well-being. I was recently diagnosed with Lupus after months of crazy symptoms. From chronic, itchy hives, pericarditis, shortness of breath, hair loss, to fatigue. Thought I was going crazy because every time I would have any diagnostic testing done, they’d all come back unremarkable, normal.  

I know I’m not supposed to care what people think, but man! I was so worried what everyone in my life was thinking. “Is she just calling in because she doesn’t want to work?” (I was missing work at least once a week, every week since October 2018) “Why is mom not playing with me?” “Why is she not doing anything in the house?” All these thoughts  running through my brain during the already stressful time was detrimental to my health- I wasn’t helping my situation, BUT…in my defense, I really didn’t know WHAT was going on with me at the time.

Anyhoo, thought I’d write a little bit about me to start. Will update soon. What I would like to share in future posts are my hobbies, stories of my wonderful family, health issues/treatment recommendations (based on personal experience), and all the good/bad that has and/or will happen. 

Til then, I’ll keep itchin’ along! 🙂